Which Nail Shapes Are Most Likely To Break (And Which Are Strongest)?

3 Most Likely to Break  Stiletto: This long, pointed shape is stylish but also the most prone to breaking due to the thin point that bears the brunt of any impact.

 Coffin/Ballerina: These nails are tapered towards the end with a flat tip, making them somewhat vulnerable, especially if they are long.

 Almond: Almond-shaped nails, which are slim on the sides and rounded at the tips, can also be prone to breaking due to their narrower points.

3 Strongest Shapes  Square: Square nails, with their straight edges and sharp corners, offer a wide surface area that generally withstands breakage better than more tapered shapes.

Squoval (Square Oval): Combining the strength of the square shape with the softer edges of an oval.

Oval/Round: These shapes mimic the natural curvature of the nail bed, distributing force more evenly across the nail, which helps prevent breakage.

Tips for Reducing Breakage Keep them Short: Shorter nails are less likely to break because there's less leverage and force applied to them during daily activities.

 Hydration: Regularly applying nail oil can help nails remain flexible and less prone to snapping.