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Top 15 Fastest Single Engine Private Aircraft In The World

Cirrus Vision SF50: The world's first single-engine personal jet, capable of speeds up to 300 knots (345 mph).

Pilatus PC-21: A turboprop trainer aircraft that can reach speeds of up to 370 knots (426 mph).

Mooney M20V Acclaim Ultra: Known for its speed, this turbocharged aircraft can reach up to 242 knots (278 mph).

Piper M600/SLS: A turbo-prop aircraft with a maximum speed of 274 knots (315 mph).

TBM 940: A high-performance turboprop capable of reaching speeds up to 330 knots (380 mph).

Epic E1000: An all-composite, high-performance turboprop that can hit speeds of up to 333 knots (383 mph).

Cessna Denali: A new turboprop in the market, expected to reach speeds of around 285 knots (328 mph).

Diamond DA62: A twin-engine propeller aircraft with a top speed of 197 knots (227 mph).