The welcome signs of every US state (and their meaning)

Alabama: "Welcome to Sweet Home Alabama" - Reflects the state's nickname and the welcoming hospitality of its residents.

Alaska: "Welcome to The Last Frontier" - Signifies Alaska's remote and rugged wilderness.

Arizona: "Welcome to the Grand Canyon State" - Highlights Arizona's famous natural wonder.

Arkansas: "Welcome to The Natural State" - Emphasizes Arkansas's scenic beauty and outdoor recreation.

California: "Welcome to The Golden State" - Represents California's history of gold mining and its sunny climate.

Colorado: "Welcome to Colorful Colorado" - Refers to the state's vibrant landscapes and diverse natural beauty.

Connecticut: "Welcome to The Constitution State" - Honors Connecticut's role in shaping the US Constitution.

Delaware: "Welcome to The First State" - Recognizes Delaware's status as the first state to ratify the US Constitution.