The Extra Ingredients You Should Never Add To Burger Meat

 Sugar: Excess sugar can cause burgers to burn and become overly sweet. Avoid adding sugar or sweet sauces directly to the meat mixture.

Salt Just Before Cooking: Salt can draw moisture out of the meat, making burgers dry if added too early. Season the meat just before cooking.

Bread Crumbs: While breadcrumbs are used in some recipes, adding too many can make burgers dry and crumbly.

Too Many Spices: Overloading with spices can overpower the flavor of the meat. Keep seasoning simple and balanced.

 Raw Onions or Garlic: Raw onions and garlic can be too pungent and may not cook evenly. Sauté or use powdered forms for milder flavor.

Wet Ingredients: Excess liquid ingredients like Worcestershire sauce or soy sauce can lead to soggy burgers. Use them in moderation or as a marinade.

Processed Cheese: While cheese is a popular burger topping, avoid adding processed cheese directly to the meat mixture. It can create an undesirable texture.

Eggs (in Excess): While eggs can be used as binders, too many can result in a meatloaf-like texture. Use one egg per pound of meat.