The 10 Best Chicken Sausage Brands

Aidells: Known for a variety of gourmet sausages, including several chicken sausage options with unique flavors.

Applegate Farms: Offers organic and natural chicken sausages without added antibiotics or hormones.

Al Fresco: Specializes in chicken sausages with a variety of flavors, often marketed as lower in fat and calories.

Open Nature (Safeway): Offers a range of natural and organic chicken sausages without artificial additives.

Trader Joe's: Known for its extensive selection of specialty products, Trader Joe's offers various chicken sausage options with diverse flavors.

Mulay's Sausage: Produces all-natural, gluten-free sausages, including chicken sausages with simple ingredients.

Jones Dairy Farm: Offers all-natural chicken sausages, free from preservatives and fillers.

Gerber's Amish Farm Chicken: Known for producing high-quality, minimally processed chicken sausages.