The 9 Healthiest Countries in Europe

Switzerland: Known for its high-quality healthcare system, low obesity rates, and emphasis on physical activity.

Spain: With a Mediterranean diet rich in fruits, vegetables, and olive oil, Spain has lower rates of heart disease and obesity.

Italy: The Mediterranean diet, along with a strong emphasis on family meals and social connections, contributes to Italy's healthiness.

Sweden: Known for its focus on mental well-being, outdoor activities, and healthcare accessibility.

Norway: High life expectancy, low smoking rates, and emphasis on physical activity contribute to Norway's healthiness.

Iceland: Low pollution levels, clean water, and a diet rich in fish and healthy fats contribute to Iceland's healthiness.

Finland: Strong healthcare system, emphasis on outdoor activities, and high-quality education on health contribute to Finland's healthiness.

Netherlands: Known for its active lifestyle, cycling culture, and focus on preventive healthcare.