The 7 Best Spots to Put Your Snake Plant (and 3 to Avoid)

Thriving with Snake Plants – "Discover the 7 prime spots for your Snake Plant to flourish and 3 spots to avoid for its well-being."

Office or Study Desk – "Improve air quality and add a touch of green to your workspace by placing it on or near your desk."

Bathroom Oasis – "Snake Plants thrive in humid conditions, making your bathroom an ideal spot for these moisture-loving greens."

Bedroom Greens – "Known for purifying air and releasing oxygen at night, it’s perfect for a bedside table."

Entryway Accent – "Greet guests with the lush, upright leaves of a Snake Plant, enhancing your home’s entrance."

Kitchen Corner – "A spot in your kitchen can benefit from its air-purifying qualities, keeping the space fresh."

Balcony Retreat – "Protected outdoor spaces like balconies are great, as long as they don’t get too much direct sunlight."

Avoid: Direct Sunlight – "Too much direct sun can harm its leaves. Best to keep it in spots where sunlight is filtered."