Hair Myths You Need To Stop Believing

 Trimming Makes Hair Grow Faster: Trimming prevents split ends but doesn't affect hair growth rate.

 Brushing 100 Strokes a Day: Excessive brushing can damage hair. Brush as needed for styling.

 Shampoo Every Day: Overwashing can strip natural oils. Frequency depends on hair type.

Rinsing with Cold Water Makes Hair Shiny: Water temperature doesn't impact shine.

 Coloring Causes Gray Hair: Hair naturally grays with age; coloring doesn't accelerate it.

 Blow Drying Causes Hair Loss: Heat can damage hair, but it won't cause permanent hair loss.

Hair Grows Thicker After Shaving: Shaving doesn't change hair texture or thickness.

Dandruff Means Dry Scalp: It can result from dryness or excess oil; treatment varies.