8 Tips And Tricks Even Seasoned ALDI Shoppers Might Not Know

Bring Your Own Bags and a Quarter: ALDI charges for shopping bags, so it's a good idea to bring your reusable bags.

Use the ALDI App: ALDI has an app that includes weekly specials, digital coupons, and a shopping list feature.

Be Prepared for Limited Brand Selection: ALDI primarily carries its own private-label brands, which can lead to significant savings.

Watch for "Special Buys": ALDI features "Special Buys" sections with seasonal and limited-time products.

Check the Aisle of Shame: ALDI's Aisle of Shame is where they place seasonal and non-food items.

Look for Markdowns: ALDI often marks down items that are close to their expiration date or have damaged packaging.

ALDI Finds: ALDI introduces new products through its "ALDI Finds" section, which changes weekly.

Pay Attention to ALDI's Double Guarantee: ALDI offers a "Double Guarantee." If you're not satisfied with a product, they'll replace it and refund your money.