8 Things You Probably Shouldn’t Be Buying from Costco

Costco is known for selling items in large quantities, but if you can't use perishable goods before they expre, it might be more cost-effective to buy smaller quantities at regular grocery stores.

Perishable Goods in Bulk

 While Costco offers a variety of appliances, it's worth comparing prices with other retailers. Sometimes, specialty stores or sales events might offer better deals.


Costco's book selection may be limited compared to dedicated bookstores or online retailers. If you're looking for a specific title or a wider range of options, you might find better deals elsewhere.


While Costco has competitive prices, buying in bulk may not be the best option for toiletries and personal care items unless you use them frequently. Some products may expire before you can use them all.

Toiletries and Personal Care Items

Costco offers clothing, but the selection might not be as extensive or fashionable as dedicated clothing stores. If you're looking for specific styles or brands, it's worth checking other retailers.


While Costco provides good deals on electronics, it's essential to compare prices and specifications. Sometimes, other retailers or online stores might have better offers or more recent models.


Buying spices and herbs in bulk at Costco might not be practical unless you use them regularly. The potency of these items can diminish over time, leading to a loss of flavor.

Small Quantities of Spices and Herbs

If you have a small household, purchasing bulk quantities of fresh produce might lead to waste. Consider your family size and eating habits before buying large quantities of fruits and vegetables.

Bulk Produce for Small Households