7 Self-Checkout Secrets Grocery Store Clerks Wish You Knew

Know Your Produce Codes: Familiarize yourself with common produce codes to expedite the process when weighing fruits and vegetables.

Use Reusable Bags Wisely: Place reusable bags in the bagging area after scanning items to avoid errors and delays.

Remove Barcodes and Stickers: Make sure to remove any old barcodes or stickers on items to prevent scanning errors.

Watch for Sales and Discounts: Pay attention to discounts and sales displayed on the screen to ensure you get the best prices.

Check for Damaged Items: If an item is damaged or not scanning correctly, ask for assistance instead of attempting to force it through.

Respect Weight Limits: Be mindful of weight limits on the bagging area and avoid overloading it, which can trigger alerts.

Scan Items Carefully: Scan items deliberately to avoid scanning the same item multiple times or missing any.

Ask for Help When Needed: If you're unsure about any aspect of the self-checkout process, don't hesitate to ask a store clerk for assistance.