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18 Most Hated Banks in America

Banks with High Fees: Banks that charge excessive fees for account maintenance, transactions, or overdrafts can be unpopular.

Banks with Poor Customer Service: Institutions with a reputation for unhelpful, slow, or inefficient customer service.

Banks with Frequent Outages: Banks whose online services frequently go down can frustrate customers.

Banks Involved in Scandals: Banks that have been involved in financial scandals, fraud, or unethical practices.

Banks with Low Interest on Savings: Banks that offer significantly lower interest rates on savings accounts compared to their competitors.

Banks with Aggressive Sales Tactics: Institutions known for pressuring customers into unwanted accounts or services.

Banks with Limited Branch Access: Banks that have few branches or ATMs, making access inconvenient.

Banks with Poor Mobile or Online Experience: Banks with outdated or user-unfriendly online banking platforms and mobile apps.