15 Red Flags You’re About to Eat at a Bad Restaurant

Dirty or Unkempt Appearance: A poorly maintained exterior or restroom can indicate a lack of cleanliness.

Empty Dining Room: If it's not a slow time of day, an empty restaurant may suggest poor food or service.

No Local Customers: Locals often know where the best places to eat are, so a lack of them can be concerning.

Outdated or Sticky Menus: Menus in poor condition can indicate neglect.

Limited Food Choices: A very short menu may suggest a lack of fresh ingredients.

Poorly Maintained Restrooms: Dirty or poorly stocked restrooms can reflect overall cleanliness standards.

Inattentive or Unfriendly Staff: Rude or disinterested staff can ruin your dining experience.

Inconsistent Pricing: Discrepancies between menu prices and actual charges can be frustrating.