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14 Key Signs Your Car Isn’t Worth the $738 Monthly Payment

High Mileage with Frequent Repairs: If your car has high mileage and requires frequent, costly repairs, it may not justify a high monthly payment.

Declining Reliability: Regular breakdowns or mechanical issues indicate the car is no longer reliable.

Excessive Depreciation: If the car’s resale value is plummeting faster than average, it might not be worth the premium payment.

High Insurance Costs: If insurance premiums are disproportionately high due to the car's model or repair costs, it may not be cost-effective.

Poor Fuel Efficiency: A car that consumes excessive fuel can add to your monthly expenses, reducing its overall value.

Costly Maintenance: Luxury cars or older models with expensive maintenance requirements can make high payments hard to justify.

Warranty Expiration: If expensive repairs are looming and the warranty has expired, the cost of upkeep may overshadow the benefits.

Lifestyle Mismatch: If the car no longer suits your lifestyle or needs (e.g., too large, too sporty, not family-friendly), it might not be worth the expense.