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13 Stocks to Load Up On When Others Are Selling

Tech Giants: Companies with strong fundamentals and a history of steady growth, like those in the technology sector, often rebound well after market dips.

Healthcare Leaders: Firms in the healthcare sector, especially those with a solid pipeline of products or services, can offer stability and growth potential.

Consumer Staples: Companies that produce essential goods, like food and household products, tend to have stable demand, making them resilient investments during downturns.

Utility Companies: Utilities often provide steady dividends and can be less volatile than the broader market, offering a safe haven during turbulent times.

Financial Institutions: Well-established banks and financial services companies with strong balance sheets can be good picks.

Energy Sector: Investing in energy companies, particularly those in renewable energy or with diversified operations, can be wise as they may rebound with economic recovery.

Dividend Aristocrats: Companies that have consistently increased their dividends for 25 years or more are generally financially stable and can offer steady income.

Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs): Certain REITs, especially those in sectors like healthcare or infrastructure, can provide steady cash flow and appreciate in value over time.