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12 Affordable Must-Haves From Sam's Club

Bulk Groceries: Purchasing groceries in bulk, like rice, pasta, or canned goods, can save money in the long run.

Paper Products: Items like toilet paper and paper towels are often cheaper when bought in large quantities from warehouse clubs like Sam's Club.

Cleaning Supplies: Bulk purchases of cleaning agents, detergents, and disinfectants can be cost-effective.

Frozen Foods: Buying frozen vegetables, fruits, and meats in bulk can reduce the cost per serving while providing convenience and longevity.

Batteries: Since they have a long shelf life, buying batteries in bulk can be a smart move to save money over time.

Office Supplies: For those who work from home or have children in school, items like pens, paper, and other office supplies are practical and can be bought affordably in bulk.

Meat and Seafood: Buying larger cuts of meat or seafood packages and freezing portions for later use can lower the cost per meal.

Tires and Automotive Supplies: Sam’s Club often offers competitive pricing on tires and automotive essentials, including motor oil and car batteries.