11 Weird Facts About Jersey Mike’s

Founder Started at Age 14: Jersey Mike's founder, Peter Cancro, bought the original store at age 14 and has been involved ever since.

Originated in Point Pleasant, NJ: The first Jersey Mike's store opened in Point Pleasant, New Jersey, in 1956.

"Mike" Isn't a Real Person: Despite the name, there's no actual person named Mike; it was a generic name used when the chain was sold.

No Freezers or Microwaves: The chain prides itself on not using freezers or microwaves, emphasizing fresh ingredients.

Subs by the Numbers: The most popular sub size is the "Regular" (7 inches), but the "Giant" (14 inches) is also a favorite.

Annual "Month of Giving": Jersey Mike's holds a "Month of Giving" each March, donating 100% of sales to local charities.

Sliced Fresh In-House: The chain slices its meats and cheeses in-house daily for freshness.

Rapid Expansion: Jersey Mike's has rapidly expanded across the U.S. and internationally, with thousands of locations.