11 Things in Your Freezer You Should Toss Out

Freezer Cleanup: Time to Toss – "Discover the 11 items in your freezer that it’s time to say goodbye to!"

Expired Frozen Meals – "If it's well past the 'use by' date, it’s not worth the risk. Toss out those old frozen meals."

Ice Cream Gone Icy – "When ice cream develops ice crystals or freezer burn, it's lost its creamy delight."

Freezer Burned Meat – "Freezer burn changes the flavor and texture of meat. If it looks or tastes off, it's time to go."

Frostbitten Fruits & Veggies – "Frostbitten produce loses its nutritional value and taste. Clear them out for fresher picks."

Old Frozen Fish – "Fish older than 6 months can lose its flavor and texture, even when frozen."

Unidentifiable Leftovers – "If you can't remember when you froze it or what it is, it's safe to toss it."

Packed Ice – "Excess ice buildup can reduce efficiency and take up valuable space. Defrost and declutter."