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10 unconventional but delicious foods to BBQ

Watermelon: Grilling slices adds a smoky flavor to its natural sweetness, making for a refreshing side dish or dessert.

 Avocado: Halved and grilled, it becomes smoky and slightly soft, perfect for salads or as a standalone treat with a sprinkle of salt and lime.

 Romaine Lettuce: Grilling it whole or halved creates a smoky, charred flavor, transforming your Caesar salad.

Peaches: Halved and grilled, they caramelize and sweeten further, ideal for desserts or as a savory salad topping.

Brie Cheese: Placing a whole wheel of Brie on the grill softens its interior, creating a gooey dip for bread and fruits.

 Pizza: Grilled directly on the grates, pizza gets a crispy crust and smoky flavor, rivaling traditional wood-fired ovens.

Tofu: Marinated and grilled, tofu takes on a deliciously crispy exterior while remaining soft inside, a great protein alternative.

 Oysters: Grilled until they pop open, they retain a smoky sea flavor, simply enhanced with a squeeze of lemon.