10 Hiding Spots Burglars Always Look First

Master Bedroom: Burglars typically target the master bedroom as it often contains valuables like jewelry, cash, and electronics.

Closets and Drawers: Burglars search closets and drawers for hidden valuables, so avoid hiding items in obvious places.

Under the Bed: While convenient, under the bed is a common hiding spot that burglars check first.

Freezers and Refrigerators: Burglars may look in freezers and refrigerators for valuables hidden among food items.

Nightstands and Bedside Tables: These are easily accessible and often contain items like wallets, keys, and small electronics.

Medicine Cabinets: Burglars may search medicine cabinets for prescription medications and other valuable items.

Bookshelves: Burglars might check behind books or in decorative boxes on bookshelves for hidden items.

Jewelry Boxes: Avoid keeping valuable jewelry in obvious jewelry boxes that burglars can easily spot.