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10 Gas Brands To Completely Avoid At All Cost

Unbranded Gas Stations - Often these stations sell gas that lacks the detergents and additives found in name-brand fuels.

Brands with Frequent Quality Issues - Some gas brands may have a history of quality issues, such as water contamination or incorrect octane levels.

Stations with Old or Poorly Maintained Pumps - Even if the gas is from a reputable brand, stations with outdated or poorly maintained pumps can deliver fuel.

High-Priced Brands in Tourist Areas - Gas stations in tourist-heavy areas may inflate their prices significantly.

Brands with Negative Environmental Records - Some companies have poor environmental track records due to oil spills, excessive emissions.

Stations that Rarely Update Fuel Prices - Stations that do not adjust their prices in response to market changes can often charge more than the current market rate.

No-Name Brands - While not always the case, some lesser-known brands may not adhere to the same quality and cleanliness standards as larger, more reputable companies.

Brands with Frequent Supply Issues - Stations that often run out of fuel may indicate a lack of reliability or poor supply chain management.